10 style tips from Brigitte Bardot

10 style tips from Brigitte Bardot

Hello lovelies, today I will be discussing ten style lessons from Brigitte Bardot.

Brigitte Bardot is one of the biggest and most iconic style icons from the 1960s and the 1970s. Brigitte Bardot style and beauty and still popular today and have influenced so many beauty icons throughout history. I rounded up ten unique style lessons that makeup Brigitte Bardot’s iconic style.

Brigitte Bardot Necklace and earrings:

1.) Sundresses:


Bardot was frequently photographed in chic little sundresses with flattering empire waists. Whether rendered in black or printed with florals, she knew the power of a one-trick piece. For endless summers or warm fall days, the look doesn’t need any accoutrements.

2.) ballet flats:


Since Bardot trained as a dancer, it makes sense that she’d relish some of the hallmarks of ballet style. Often, she’d wear delicate ballet flats with cropped pants or dresses. Her brand of choice? Repetto. It’s been reported that she even requested that the brand begin creating the durable, ballet-style flats that non-dancers can wear in the street.

3.) Headbands:


Bardot was well aware of the power of accessorizing in her own signature French way. The actress paired wide cloth headbands with simple outfits comprised of monochromatic tops and pants or pencil skirts and sweaters. Paired with a dramatic cat eye, the hair accessory added an extra touch of glam to an effortless look.

4.)Cropped Pants:


Jeans or tailored pants cut right at the ankle were often favored by Bardot. She wore them with oversized sweaters or boyish tops for good measure; the style reflects her good taste and style—both still seem modern.

5.) A Statement-Making Skirt


Whether jet-setting or relaxing between time spent on screen, Bardot gravitated toward all kinds of skirts. A mini paired with a chunky sweater showed her cool French-girl insouciance, while a wide, voluminous one emphasized her bombshell figure.

6. Believe in the power of an off-the-shoulder silhouette.

Bardot single-handedly made off-the-shoulder shirts chic, pairing them with everything from full midi skirts to cropped pants. Not only is the look incredibly feminine, but it’s also flattering on every single body type.

7.) Develop a signature hair and beauty look—and stick with it:


During the ’60s and ’70s, Bardot most definitely had a signature look, which drove her to style icon status. For makeup, she favored a dark cat-eye and not much else. Her hair was usually worn up in a signature bouffant accessorized with a simple wide black headband or down in slightly messy layers.

8.) When in doubt, wear a hat:


Bardot knows a great hat will dress up anything from a bathing suit to a pantsuit. Her signature floppy hat—worn everywhere from the beach to out and about—was a signature that always added the right amount of oomph to just about anything she put on.

9.) Invest in a bombshell cocktail dress that plays up your curves.


When Bardot does dress up, it is usually in a dress that shows off her flawless curves. Do as Bardot does: Invest in a dress that lets you shine. We have a feeling one of Bardot’s style mantras is that you should wear your clothes, they shouldn’t wear you.

10.) Above all else, remember that great style is timeless.

One of the most striking things about looking at photos of Bardot from the 1960s and 1970s is how timeless all of her outfits look decades later. It’s a great reminder that staying away from trends and sticking with a signature style is what ultimately stands the test of time.