Clear Gel Nails with Ink Inlay

Clear Gel Nails with Ink Inlay

Suzie creates a spectacular set of Clear Gel Nails with Hand-Painted Ink Inlay.

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Timecode Links:
02:25 Painting Ink
04:21 Using Alcohol with Brush
07:13 Gel Inlay
10:23 Shaping
11:05 Suzie’s Good Mistake
12:28 Painting Design Up the Nail
15:05 Top Coat
16:03 Reveal Shots

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Exclusive Nail Couture
Light Elegance
KoKo and Claire
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02:40 Marrow by Hale
05:17 Sunset Chaser by Matt Wigton
07:30 California by Finn’s Fandango
09:50 SuperFly by AlterEgo
12:36 I’m Coming Home by Strength To Last
15:12 Night Shade by Bryant Lowry
16:06 Blue Beach by PALA

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