How To Keep A Weave From Tangling – How To Care For Your Weave

How To Keep A Weave From Tangling – How To Care For Your Weave

How To Keep A Weave From Tangling – How to Care for your curly weave

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Knowing how to keep your weave from tangling is an absolute must if you want to keep your hair looking tip top day after day.

The fact is, virgin hair is real hair and as such requires care and attention on a daily basis to keep it looking salon fresh. But what exactly does that involve?

Well in this short video, I’m going to walk you through the steps I use every day to ensure my weave is tangle free and full of volume. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to maintain your weave and ensure that your hair never looks dull and lifeless.

Time Stamps:

00:05 Learn How To Simply Style And Maintain Your Weave
00:38 What Items You will need to style Your Hair
01:00 The Type Of Conditioner I Use
01:10 Argan Oil Recommendation
01:30 My Choice Of Hair Gel
01:50 Make Sure You Have A comb
02:05 Preparing My Hair For Styling
02:55 Inspect The Tangle Before The Styling begins
03:30 Begin The Styling Process With Water
03:50 How To Prevent Breakage
04:25 Why Use Conditioner
04:55 My Combing Technique
05:30 A Little Information On My Hair (
06:10 Combing Options
06:50 The Realities Of Hair Shedding
07:05 How To Encourage The Curly Pattern
07:15 How I Dry My Hair With Damaging It
07:55 When And How To Apply The Argan Oil
09:05 When And Where I Apply The Hair Gel
09:40 The Finishing Touches
10:40 The End Result

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