Makeup Tips for Women with Contact Lenses

Makeup Tips for Women with Contact Lenses

Makeup Tips for Women with Contact Lenses – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

If you wear contacts, what you want to do first to apply your makeup is to put your contacts in first, okay? Then you will do the eye makeup gently. The reason why you want to do this is so that you do not break the contacts, or it does not irritate your eye. So my model here, Mercedes, she does wear contacts. And she put on her contacts before I applied eye makeup. And the way I applied the eye makeup is very gently, so that it does not hurt her, or it does not move her contacts around. So I am just applying the eye shadow very gently on her lid. You do not want to press too hard, because it might hurt your eye.

To apply eyeliner, to give it a more defined look, you want to get something that is waterproof. Because when you wear eye contacts, sometimes it will get a little teary eyed, and you need something that will, that would not move. So this is what I am using, and I am just applying it on the waterline. Go ahead and look up. For contact wearers, before you go to sleep, you are definitely going to take out your contacts. So take out your contacts first, and then remove your makeup, remove your eye makeup. Be extra gentle, because it is the eye area. Use a oil based eye makeup remover, if you have something that is waterproof. Or you can use makeup wipes that has strong enough ingredients to remove the eye makeup. Those are just some of my tips on how to apply and remove eye makeup for contact wearers.


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