Men, these are the five things that repel women!

Men, these are the five things that repel women!

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Strategies to make women talk

Hello everyone, its Annabella here again. I do hope you are carrying on well. I have been doing fine since our last encounter. So in today’s video, I will be talking about workable strategies you can use to get a woman attracted to you and ultimately talking with you. Before we start please click that cheeky subscribe button and turn on the notifications as there will be many videos coming into your way!
It is as a result of numerous emails from my male clients asking how they can be more engaging and exciting during conversations with women so that they can be attracted and in turn participate more actively in the chit chat.
The issue of communicating with women is not a new one. I have spoken about it severally and have also made some videos of the same. Maybe in your free time, you could try looking into the archives of this channel, you never know, you might learn or two things that could be helpful to your course.
Anyway, here is some new information I have gathered for you regarding this issue because as usual, I got your back.
I believe that women are easy to approach and strike a conversation. I mean, you can effortlessly pick up a talk with a stranger and enjoy it. The problem is therefore not initiating a discussion, but transitioning from small talk to more meaningful and deep conversations. With that said, how do you smoothly move your small talk and pleasantries to have her talking?

1. Logic versus emotions.
I have repeated more than enough times in this channel that men operate more on the logical and factual realms of life while women are more inclined on the emotional side of life. It, therefore, means that to appeal to a woman, engage her emotions and when it man, engage his brain and logic. With that in mind, how do you engage a woman’s emotional side? It is rather simple. Focus on the emotional side of whatever you are discussing. For example, let’s say you are talking about her career. Instead of asking her why she chose to venture in engineering instead of office works associated with women, ask her how being an engineer and working with machines makes her feel. How does it feel when you are assembling parts, subconsciously, she will open up to you telling of things about her job that you had not even asked. It works like working with automatic equipment, ones you key in and have it started, it will adequately run on its own.

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